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(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Return Items You Ordered ?
    1. Go to the customer's order in the FUJIS system or the purchase order in the received parcel box. to show and check Order number of the latest product then contact customer care To notify the request together with the information such as the order number. 2. Report the problem, reason for return (e.g. evidence, photo or video) and purpose of return. ⚪️ "Return request for refund" or ⚪️ "Exchange request" or ⚪️ Next time request for "Additional Discount" 3. FUJIS will take the time required to review the details of the return request. Before accepting the return request, appearance or condition must meet the required standards. To proceed to the next step ASAP. Note: Name on the return label. (Each item) may be assigned to a specific product return. To ensure that customers receive a valid refund request, please ask Customer Care before consolidating multiple orders or shipments into one box as it may delay the customer's refund. or unable to operate properly.
  • Appearance or Condition of the Product that Can Be Returned ?
    Products purchased from FUJIS after the customer checks the product. * Return requests can be submitted within the specified time, 8 days afterReceipt to submit a return request for a full refund. amount This is subject to the return guidelines listed below. ✔️ Return the original product from the first time when receiving the product. The product is not damaged while in the possession of the customer, such as damaged, broken, etc. ✔️ Received the wrong product or does not match the cover, for example, the model, size or color of the product does not match the details in the purchase order, etc. ✔️ Products must be returned in their original condition. not being worn or is used With brand packaging, user manual, warranty card, all accessories in it, free product and all original labels. * ✔️ Products are eligible for exchange when FUJIS has new items in the same stock. or the same model as the original product in all respects unless the customer agrees to accept such conditions on a case-by-case basis. ✖️ Any item that has been resized, changed or damaged after purchase. will not be accepted for return ✖️ Products made to order by own brand that have a specific style, style, size, color or weight of the product. ** * FUJIS recommends that customers take photos. or video before opening the box To be used as evidence showing the nature or condition of the product, the box, if the product has a problem later. ** The normal FUJIS standard goes through the sample inspection process. and confirmation of customer details in writing before the actual production order.
  • Choosing a Shipper, Addressing and Packing for Returns ?
    Customers can return the product back. By addressing the FUJIS shipping address information and using the original packaging. It must be packed in a FUJIS standard package or packaging, or the equivalent of a carton when received. * Sometimes individual return labels are assigned a recipient name for a specific return (for example, "ฝ่ายดูแลลูกค้า #เลขที่คำสั่งซื้อ" etc.) ✔️ Choose the service of any transport company with track numbers for tracking parcels and only for checking the shipping status. ✖️ Do not choose a return shipping method, cash on delivery NOTE: Before returning certain items such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras or other electronic devices Remember to remove the password and any personal information contained in it before you pack it back. Also, do not send personal accessories that were not originally included with the item when purchased, such as cases or external memory cards purchased separately. * Customer will be liable for any damages. that may occur with the product during delivery if the customer does not comply with the standards.
  • Return Shipping Costs ?
    After the customer is convenient, choose to return the product by paying the shipping cost to the service of the company that has a tracking number only ⚪️ If the reason for the return is due to a FUJIS error, the customer will receive a full refund of the shipping cost. Just send the tracking number and proof of shipping receipt to FUJIS for review to receive a refund after FUJIS inspection is complete. ⚪️ If the reason for the return of the product is not the result of a FUJIS error or does not qualify. appearance or condition and the specified return period The cost of returning the item will be deducted from the refund
  • Refunds ?
    The customer will receive a refund only after FUJIS has received confirmation from the staff that the returned item has been received and inspected the condition. The money will be transferred back to... ⚪️ Buyer's credit/debit card Automatic online payments such as PayPal or ⚪️ bank account that the customer notified as appropriate or ⚪️ Cash in case the customer returns the product by himself ... within the inspection period The nature or condition of the product and the processing time required by FUJIS standards. ⚪️ Duration to inspect the appearance, condition of the product 1 - 3 days from the date the proof of tracking number is delivered to FUJIS warehouse or designated return address. ⚪️ Refund period Product cost and return shipping costs 1 - 5 days from the date when the customer returned the product. has been checked successfully.
  • How Long Do You Have To Return ?
    Return service when purchasing products with FUJISiam888 (.com). customer care to request a replacement or return within 8 days of receiving the product The product must be in skill or condition and the time limit... ⚪️ 8 Day Return Policy The general product is not of good quality, FUJIS is happy to refund or replace the new product for free. and the product must be in perfect condition. Set a period of time within 8 days with purchase order documents / or proof of purchase saved in the system. ⚪️ 10 Day Return Policy All types of electrical equipment and appliances are not of good quality. FUJIS is happy to refund or replace a new product for free.Set a period of time within 10 days from the date of receiving the product. with purchase order document / or proof of purchase saved in the system. ... If the above period is over, we reserve the right not to exchange or return the product. or reserves the right to consider the return request on a case by case basis.
  • Cancel a Return ?
    If the customer has to cancel the return request. or do not want to return the product anymore Can cancel returns ✖️ except if the product has been exchanged or exchanged and received a refund. Returns cannot be cancelled. If the customer is in the process of waiting to receive the product that has not yet arrived and wish to return immediately You can ignore the pickup or contact the carrier to cancel the pickup.
  • Items that Can't be Returned ?
    There are some products that cannot be returned to FUJIS... ✖️ Laptop, desktop computer that exceeds the period of 10 days after receiving the product. ✖️ Items classified as dangerous goods Chemicals and liquids or flammable gases such as alcohol, engine oil, etc. ✖️ Downloadable Software Product or prepaid card game ✖️ Used undies such as socks, swimwear, panties, etc. ✖️ Some jewelry ✖️ Fresh produce, fertilizer, seeds and pet food ✖️ Wax candles, wall stickers ✖️ Pet shampoo and conditioner ✖️ Cleaning supplies such as mops, brooms, trash cans, paint brushes, etc. ✖️ Baby toiletries and accessories such as diapers, feeding bottles, baby personal care Skin care products, etc. ✖️ Household items such as laundry products (detergent, fabric softener), cleaners. (bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner, liquid hand soap, tissue) etc. ✖️ Activated drugs and supplements ... However, in the event that, due to some force majeure circumstances, the product is damaged, defective, or the wrong product is received, FUJIS will provide a full refund or a free replacement, as appropriate, FUJIS may contact the customer for verification. any damage or defects in the product prior to refund or replacement.
  • Mistaken Returns ?
    In case of returning the wrong product, please inform customer care as soon as possible. FUJIS does not store items accidentally sent to us. If it's been a long time when the time is right Wrong items returned may be donated or recycled instead. If the customer accidentally sends the wrong product to FUJIS. Please contact customer service as soon as possible, but FUJIS cannot guarantee that your item will be found and returned. And there will be no compensation for goods incorrectly sent to FUJIS warehouse.
  • Interpretation of Section 472 ?
    According to Section 472 of the Civil Code, FUJIS's liability for defects consists of two elements: 1) Defect and 2) Depreciation of the assets sold. This could include a) Depreciation or b) Deterioration of suitability for normal use, or c) Depreciation of the benefits intended under the contract If any of the above two elements is missing, FUJIS is not liable for any defects. But the defect is not to the extent that the property is depreciated. FUJIS is not liable. Or if the property sold has depreciated in any way, such as depreciating or depreciating for its intended use. or for the benefits intended under the contract But if such depreciation is not the result of a defect, then FUJIS is not liable either. As mentioned above, Defects according to the opinions accepted at this time Refers to the deterioration in the content of the property being sold from its normal condition. How can it be called a deterioration in the value of the property being sold? It must be based on the standard of a reasonable person as usual, custom or intent of the parties, as we might compare from the words of the Section 472. Reference: Prof. Paichit Punyaphan, Prof. Prapon Sataman
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